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  The Sarojin Resort, Khao Lak, Thailand
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A Luxury Resort for Flashpackers – who prefer their Cocktails tropical with a dash of Colonial Relish.

After a bucolic 3 hour drive from Krabi through countless rubber plantations, palm trees and limestone cliffs we arrive at the next stop on the Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique and Luxury Hotel experts menu, the Sarojin Resort, Khao Lak, an hour North of Phuket.

At first glance this hotel seems to be more grasshopper than beachcomber, but actually it’s a fusion of occidental architecture and Quasi-Med.

Two kilometres of unbridled feathery fine-grained powder; stalks of white umbrellas growing out of the sand like giant daisies and the inviting pale green Andaman sea: safe, warm and friendly.

There are 56 rooms and suites. Ours, although not a gasper, is simple, elegant and practical. A large bed, big bath, separate shower, lots of mirrors and an excellent wifi connection. There is also a generous daily fruit basket and lots of healthy nibbles.

It's Valentines Day and later that evening we are ready for some uber romantic touchy feelies on the beach, transformed for a lovers celebration of the patron saint. Plate in hand, we tuck into a banquet of delectable dishes all displayed Alfresco fashion. Seafood in abundance, smoked salmon, sumptuous salads of meat and fish, delicious tender barbecues of meat and my preference, Lobster still fresh out of the sea.

As for puddings, little pink heart shaped pastries and oozy chocolate mousses beg to be eaten and I surrender. The wine and champagne flows and surely even the least romantic Flashpacker could not resist Cupid’s calling card, to coo and cuddle on comfy cushions scattered on the sand.

It's midnight; time to light the lanterns...

Holding on until the heat rises we make a wish...

Letting go, the lantern floats up, carried by the wind, high in the sky, soon to join the stars.

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Rejuvenate Body and Soul at the Sarojin Spa

Entering the airy pavilion after a fragrant footbath, we lie side by side as the masseuses work in unison, kneading and stretching our bodies. We are soon drunk with relaxation.

The Sarojin is the perfect place for a chill out. So, if you’re a shrieking loudmouth don’t come here because you won’t make many friends. The hotel rule is no children under twelve. Even the hotel’s owners, Andrew and Kate Kemp with their young offspring, abide by the rules.

I boat trip through the mangrove and meet Philip at the market where we marvel at the colours of the fruit, flowers and silvery fish – and so cheap.

Dining at the Sarojin

Philip, ever in search of the world's best Thai Chicken Green Curry fancies his chances at the Sarojin’s beachside Edge restaurant. It's good, very good and so is the International Restaurant.

Forty Thai chefs perform for European sophisticated taste buds and conjure up superb pasta Carbonara and even such a basic as that hand to mouth food, the burger, is beefy, juicy and tender. There is also an excellent and equally imaginative Vegetarian menu.

“If you’re looking to be in the ‘in crowd’, for nightlife or pumping iron all day – forget the Sarojin.” says regular flashpacker Catherine Gledhill. “If you just want to be yourself and stay an individual; enjoy beautiful food in peaceful surroundings with discreet superb staff – go.”

We booked the Sarojin Hotel with Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique and Luxury Hotels Tel: 0845 034 0700 who offer best room rates guaranteed and no booking fee. You don't have to be a member to book, but for an annual fee of £20 there are terrific offers, discounts and perks on the Smith hotel collection.


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