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  Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui – Top Luxury Thailand Hotel Review
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Best Chic Retreat for Flashpackers

We arrive at the illustrious Four Seasons heralded not with a drum roll but with a gong. The spectacular view below is breathtaking and over a welcome drink, a Thai tradition, we are registered.

Luckily the arranged room is still occupied and the manager, apologizing for the inconvenience, upgrades us to a beachfront villa.

We’ve saved the last gasp of our breathtaking trip to Thailand for a whistle stop stay in the best hotel in Koh Samui. The Four Seasons Resort; an a la carte uber-lux 5 star choice, suggested by our Harley Street dentist, which we slip into our Mr & Mrs Smith Thailand trip itinerary.

Superb Accommodation

Like champion golfers we are shuttled in the ubiquitous buggy down the steep hill to the entrance of our hideaway. Our villa is perched on a hillside, complete with a mini swimming pool; its turquoise tiles reminiscent of a Hockney painting, inviting you to splash in its luxury – it’s gasp-worthy

Opening the sliding doors, the four poster bed with it’s romantic gauze mosquito net, hanging like a bridal veil to keep out unwanted buzzing guests, gives the room a colonial touch in a modern wifi salon.

Bathing in the round marble bath scattered with velvet red petals, I gaze through the large picture window at the view of the sea through the palm trees – I am a Flashpacker in Paradise. Then the sudden roar of the football crowd blasts from the TV in the bedroom next door. "Barcelona scored!" shouts my euphoric husband ruining my revelry.

I suppose it’s the devil you know for many of the well ‘seasoned’ regulars who stay at this signature resort in Koh Samui.

Luxurious, aesthetically designed, with a delicate touch of Thailand. But for us, it’s a revelation and bears the stamp of the Flashpacker’s Credo – a lot of style and a little flash.

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Four Seasons Koh Samui Private Beach

What makes this Citadel of Pleasure so formidable to the good, the great and the greedy, is its private beach; entered only by the hotel or boat. Pretty Thai women sense our arrival and rush toward us with cool scented facecloths and ice water and before we can kick off our sandals the beach beds are prepared; guaranteed to give a good days rest for burnt-out bankers.

Romantic Dining at the Lan Tania

It's the cocktail hour and we are at the peak of the resort sitting on the terrace of the beautifully appointed Lan Tania restaurant. Honeymoon couples are already in full canoodle but we are more interested in canoodling with the menu – Thai and Italian. A Mojito in hand, I choose Italian and Philip who is sipping a Thai whiskey cocktail, continues on his odyssey to find the 5 star rated Thai Chicken Green Curry. Could this be the one? Or will he have to search the streets, as many of the chefs do for inspiration.

The Best of Both Worlds – Thai and Italian

The good thing about the Lan Tania restaurant is when choosing the Thai menu there is not the usual nod to European tastes. The starters are authentically spicy. I try the fresh tuna and with the help of the ice-cold water, I begin to warm to the dish. We both love the combination of the spicey roasted duck, cooled by the sweet freshness of the lychee fruit.

To follow I have the grilled baby chicken from Italian menu. I am at home again. It’s moist, meaty tender perfection with a piquant parmesan coating and fresh al dente veggies makes me happy – so does the second Mojito.

Watching with baited breath I wait for the verdict as my husband goes through his green curry tasting ritual. He raises five fingers giving the dish a maximum – 5/5.

In the morning it’s difficult for this serial dieter to resist the divine offerings at the breakfast buffet: a delicate fruit salad, a dazzling display of yummy cakes, fine cheeses, meats, bite sized croissants and sweet little culinary confections. I nonchalantly slip a dainty pastry into my mouth en-route to the juices.

Spa Trek

Two precious days is not enough to participate in the resort’s many activities. So, no elephant trekking but we do have time for a yoga class and a mini-trek to the fabulous spa; treading on hundreds of wooden slats up hill and down dale through a coconut grove which keeps the circulation flowing and reminds us we have quadriceps.

His: Siam Fusion – East meets West with Thai yogic stretching and pressure point manipulation.

Hers: Lymphatic Drainage; a massage therapy using a feather light fingertip touch on the lymph glands to detox, reduce swelling and water-retention. I feel cleansed and Philip says it's rekindled his vitals.

By choosing the Four Seasons Koh Samui as our last hotel, we knew we would end our trip on a high. No goodbye gongs as we leave this Rolls Royce of Resorts – just thought of returning.

Room rates from £393 ++ For a comprehensive list of accommodation, packages and special offers check the Four Seasons Resort website.


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