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Eve Lom’s Travel Essentials Skincare Kit

My husband is happy. This time his luggage is wife free. Usually I stuff my oversized bag of skincare lotions and potions into his case – a last-minute sneaky that invariably causes friction, before we zip up ready to go on our annual trip to La Colombe d’Or in the South of France.

This morning he checks the weight of his case and he doesn’t grumble. The peacekeeper is a nifty Eve Lom Travel Skincare set which comes in a neat, white waterproof bag and has all my favourite skin essentials, which slips into my own luggage without a struggle.

Eve Lom Skincare Kit

Eve Lom Skincare Kit

What’s in the Bag?

  • 30ml pot Eve Lom Original Cleanser with a Muslin Cloth (re-usable) – award-winning star of the collection. You don’t need toner; the cleanser cleans, tones and exfoliates.

  • 30ml tube of the lighter Morning Time Cleanser – great for an a.m. quickie.

  • 25ml tube of the TLC Radiance Cream SPF 15 daily moisturiser, perfect on it’s own or slipped under extra protection.

  • 15 ml tube of the Rescue Mask – a weekly, deep clay-based cleansing mask for stressed out skin or a face-saving morning-after pick-me-up, post partying the night before.

There’s plenty of room in the travel bag to add a few Eve Lom favourites. Mine is the TLC Crème Hydratante Tendresse, an excellent moisturizing and regenerative cream. Great for any skin type that needs a little extra nourishment and a particularly good night cream for mature skin, helping to soften fine lines caused by dryness. When you pat this miracle zincy white warpaint on your face at night, it feels sticky for the first few minutes and you look like a ghost. By the time you hop into bed, the equivalent of wearing big knickers has disappeared into the epidermis leaving your skin touchy-feely soft.

The Travel Essential Kit is £75 and the TLC cream £50. Products can be purchased online from the Eve Lom or Space NK website or in luxury department stores and Space NK beauty shops worldwide – click here for Eve Lom stockists. Most stores and Space NK shops hold Eve Lom skincare samples; very useful to try before you buy if you’re not familiar with the products.

Eve Lom Skincare Kit

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